Saturday, September 27, 2008

Brisket Recipe

ake a heavy pot, put in in one packet of Knorr's Oxtail Soup mix. Beware - they call it tomato soup now and Oxtail is in parentheses. Add two cups of water, dissolve the soup mix (the flame is on at this point)). Then add about a 4-lb brisket - who cares which side is up. Bring it to a boil, cover it, turn the flame down, and simmer it for about an hour. During the last 20 minutes, add a box of dried pitted prunes. If you don't want to make tsimmes, just leave the prunes in there and they'll disintegrate as the brisket cooks some more and become part of the delectable gravy. By the way, this is easily made ahead of time, even frozen, and then reheated - it's even better then.

Okay so let's say you want to make tsimmes. Take the prunes out after that 20 minutes, when they're soft. Add cooked sliced carrots, garlic powder, and honey. You got your tsimmes.

For you, GG, a veggie tsimmes: Cook some barley until it's soft. Soak the dried prunes in hot water until they're soft, then mix together the cooked barley, the soaked soft prunes, and cooked sliced carrots. Add a healthy tablespoon of fake chicken soup mix (Osem or Elite are the best brands for this). Add some garlic powder and some Nyafat.

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